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Working in a children's and youth movement is a pedagogical obligation and demands points of orientation. Blauring and Jungwacht have formulated five principles under the title "Creating room for freedom".
We need to take the continuously changing life of children into consideration. Therefore, social, religious and political engagement are our tasks. Since these commitments are adapted according to the level - from children's groups to the national board - every principle shows not only a basic description but also concrete ideas for children's groups, leader's teams, regional leaders and the whole movement.
The principles described here are objectives that we want to achieve. Of course this is sometimes a difficult process.

Creating room of freedom

SeitenanfangBlauring and Jungwacht create room and freedom for the development of children.
Blauring and Jungwacht mutually respect individual freedom.
Blauring and Jungwacht are committed to the free development of human beings.
The principle of Blauring and Jungwacht work is the holistic development of children and youths. In a world that is constantly growing closer and where children are forgotten too often, Blauring and Jungwacht want to create room for life and offer children a place of security and freedom in their leisure time.


We encourage each other to speak about our own wishes and opinions and we respect other opinions. We practise the decision-taking process and learn to respect and carry out decisions taken.
It is important that children can be influential (adapted to their age) on the future of the local group and the organisation, but also on society, state and church.
Democratic participation in building our future as well as lobbying for the interests of children and youths are essential.

Being together

We build a community where everyone feels supported by respecting and learning from one another.
It is not only important to have a place where we feel close to another, but Seitenanfangalso carry responsibility, be considerate of other people, be tolerant and solve conflicts.

Being creative

With a varying range of activities we let fantasy take its course, we discover new skills and are happy about our skills.
Creativity in games, work, playing instruments, singing, drama, etc. is important - not the perfect performance, but the joy and pleasure of developing individual skills and making new experiences.
Every individual shall develop his or her own, special personality.

Experiencing nature

We explore and experience our environment with all our senses. We respect and enjoy the nature.
Besides exploring and being amazed of nature, it is important to respect and protect her. We don't want to dominate nature, but we see us as a part of her.


We experience and praise God as the fundament of our community. The example of Jesus gives us orientation.
We need moments of celebration and contemplation as well as a social commitment and being part of the ecumenical movement. Children of every denomination and religion are welcome in Blauring and Jungwacht. As part of the local parishes we are Church and look for forms of religious life that are special for children and youths.



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