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Blauring and Jungwacht are children's and youth movements in the German speaking part of Switzerland. 20.000 girls and 15.000 boys in more than 550 local parish groups are member of the organisation. Blauring and Jungwacht are part of the Catholic church, but open to all children independent of confession or world view.
The animators on local leve are young people. In Blauring and Jungwacht, children and youths can develop their personality. A wide range of activities invites them to discover new horizons. Through this variety, all children are attracted and thus they can discover and experience their own talents.

The association's purpose in the statutes

Seitenanfang"… a Catholic children's and youth organisation which is open to any other religion. Its purpose is to offer a community to children and youths of the local parishes. The members shall develop a responsible personality through stimulation by the Christian faith, interaction with the group and the environment. In doing this, they can create a common future worth living in."

Typical for Blauring and Jungwacht

  • Living in groups
  • Commitment of volunteer animators
  • Holiday camps
  • Organisation on parish level



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