The origin of Blauring and Jungwacht

Because of trends and influences during the time after the World War I, young people wanted to gather in associations of political or religious background. Therefore a youth movement also started in Switzerland and Blauring and Jungwacht were founded in this atmosphere of opening up to a new time.

The foundation of Jungwacht

Jungwacht's date of birth is 11 and 12 September 1932. At the meeting of the National Leaders of SKJV (Young Swiss Catholic Men's Association), it was suggested to create a children's group as a part of the Catholic youth groups in the local parishes. At that time, there were many names with the affixes "-wacht", "-bund", "-schaft" (they all mean association/community) and "young". The village Birsfelden had the first local group which was called "Jungwacht Birsfelden". Thus Jungwacht was chosen for the whole association.

SeitenanfangThe foundation of Blauring

Blauring was founded as a children's group of the "Young Virgins Congregation". The members wanted to stress individuality and have more games and songs at their meetings. On 17 September 1933, the principles of the new girl's association were fixed in accordance with common principles for groups. The name "Blauring" is a symbol for community (ring) and female values (blue is the colour of the Mother Mary).

Co-operation between Blauring and Jungwacht

During the nineteen-seventies, Blauring and Jungwacht separated from their founding organisations and started an intense co-operation. At that time, society and the Church were changing, and these changes also had an impact on the aims and methods of Blauring and Jungwacht. The ecclesiastical associations developed into children's organisations with a Christian culture for leisure time and with social aims.


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